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How do I "unzip" my GPS Map?

Your GPS Map should automatically unzip when its downloaded to your computer. If it does not unzip, you have to do it manually. Here's how:

1. Open zip application. On a PC it is usually called "WinZip" and on a Mac, "StuffIt". (99.9% of computers have a zip application but if yours doesn't, you can download one off the Internet. Some are free and some are not. Click here if you need to download a zip application.)
2. While in your zip application and under the "File" dropdown menu, select "Open" or "Expand". Navigate to your zipped GPS Map (usually on your computer's desktop) and open the file.
3. Depending on your zip application, the file might automatically decompress. In some cases you might see the three files (GPX, KML and PDF) in the zip application. If this is the case, select the three files and drag them to your desktop.
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