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Why is the number of characters in the GPX waypoint name limited to six characters?

Handheld GPS Name Limits

Some handheld GPS devices limit the number of characters in the waypoint name to six. If the length of the waypoint name is greater than the number of allowable characters, the device may not load the GPX file, truncate the name or disregard the waypoint entirely. Therefore, TroutStream GPS waypoint names are limited to six characters.

Description Fields

Most handheld GPS units contain both name and description fields. The description field can usually hold more characters than the name field. For cross reference, the long names in the GPX file match the placemark names in the Google Earth KML file.

Waypoint Key

The waypoint key included with your GPS Map contains both the short name of the waypoint and the long descriptive name. This file is an Adobe Acrobat file (PDF) that can be printed and taken with you on the water.

Short Name Format

GPX waypoint short names are in the format "CCC###" where "CCC" is an abbreviation for the river and "###" is a unique number. For example "MDR001" is the first waypoint in the Madison River GPS Map GPX file.

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