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What is a WaypointSet?

Like the name implies, a WaypointSet is a set or collection of GPS waypoints that mark the specific location of landmarks such as:

  • Fishing access sites
  • Parking spots
  • Boat ramps
  • Holes, pools, runs and rapids
  • Bridges and crossings
  • Tributary creeks
  • Dams and weirs
  • Special regulation water

WaypointSets can be viewed using mapping software such as Goolge Earth (free), National Geographic TOPO! and any other sofware that are compatible with GPX files.

WaypointSets can also be uploaded into a handheld GPS unit to take with you on the river, lake or bay. WaypoinSets are compatible with all brands of handheld GPS units that support the GPX file format.

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