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View Fly Fishing Maps Using Google Earth

View and print Fly Fishing Maps superimposed on photorealistic satellite images of your favorite river using Google Earth (free).

Perfect Planning Tool

If you're like most people, your time on the water is limited. So, it's important to maximize your opportunity by being as prepared as possible. That's where a Fly Fishing Map can help. Use your Fly Fishing Map with Google Earth to plan put-in or take-out locations, figure out where you are going to park or determine what road takes you to that "magic" riffle the fly shop told you about.

KML File

Included in your purchase is a KML file containing the GPS coordinates of river landmarks. After downloading your Fly Fishing Map, double-click the KML file to open it using Google Earth.

Google Earth

Google Earth is a virtual globe program that maps the earth by superimposing satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe. The basic version can be downloaded for free at the Google Earth website.

Detailed Information

Clicking on a Google Earth placemark (GPS coordinate) reveals detailed information about that location.

Waypoint Folders

Once loaded into Google Earth, GPS coordinates are organized into folders according to subject.

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