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About Us

Trout Stream GPS is a fly fishing outfitter that produces GPS maps for fly fishing. Our GPS maps show you exactly where to park, fish and stay on America's top trout streams.

Our Mission

We give anglers the information they need to have the best possible fly fishing experience.


We started publishing printed fly fishing maps in 2003. Our first map was for the lower Guadalupe River in Texas just below Canyon Lake dam. Currently we have sold over 3,000 maps and are on our third printing. In 2005 we published our second fly fishing map this time for the San Juan River near Navajo Dam, New Mexico.

It was then that we began receiving feedback from our customers requesting the GPS coordinates for the landmarks on our maps. They wanted to load the coordinates into a handheld GPS unit so they could use them on the river. Although we did add a GPS coordinate table to our printed maps, we felt it would be faster and more effective to provide the coordinates in a format that could be easily uploaded into a handheld GPS unit. This prompted us to start Trout Stream GPS.

We then created TroutStreamGPS.com to allow users to purchase and instantly download fly fishing-related GPS coordinates. The coordinates are provided in two formats - GPX and KML. The GPX file can be uploaded in to a handheld GPS unit and the KML file can be viewed using Google Earth, a free map viewing program from Google.

Our Products

The Future

Our ultimate goal is to publish GPS maps for every trout stream in the world starting with the U.S. and then internationally. However, we will also publish GPS maps for highly requested trout streams so if you want a map for a river we do not offer, please let us know.

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