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Green River Fly Fishing
Green River Fly Fishing
Green River Fly Fishing
Green River Fly Fishing Green River Fly Fishing Green River Fly Fishing Green River Fly Fishing
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Green River Fly Fishing GPS Map

Know exactly where to park and fish on the Green River in Utah

  • Spend more time fishing and less time trying to figure out where to park
  • 139 fly fishing-related waypoints for the Green River
  • Plan your trip using high-resolution digital maps
  • Navigate to exact fishing locations using your GPS

Where's the best place to fish on the Green River? You might consult a map, book or even a fly shop to find the best place to go. But finding out where the fish are biting is only half the challenge. You've got to be able to get to that exact location or the information is useless. And the last thing you want to do is waste time driving around looking for a place to fish when you could be on the water reeling them in.

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Introducing The Green River GPS Map

Imagine going to the Green River with your handheld GPS loaded with every key parking spot, fishing hole and boat ramp. The Green River GPS Map is a collection of 139 GPS coordinates for fly fishing the Green River in Utah. This highly detailed digital map shows you everything you need to know to have a perfect day on the river including:

    • Boat Launches
    • Bridges & Crossings
    • Campsites & Lodging
    • Cities & Towns
    • Creeks & Brooks
    • Dams & Weirs
    • Day Use Areas
    • Holes, Pools & Runs
    • Lakes & Ponds
    • Landmarks
    • Topography

What Is A GPS Map?

A GPS Map is a collection of GPS coordinates that can be loaded into a handheld GPS unit or viewed using free mapping software such as Google Earth.

Green River Fly Fishing> Use your GPS map to plan your trip and generate driving directions using Google Earth.
Green River Fly Fishing Then, load the GPS map into your handheld GPS for real-time navigation on the river.

Map Coverage Area

This map covers all 30 miles of the Green River in Utah beginning at the Flaming Gorge Reservoir and ending at the Utah/Colorado border. See map below for the Green River GPS map coverage Area.

Double-click map to zoom in. Select "Map", "Sat" or "Ter" to
switch between vector, satellite and terrain background maps.

About the Green River

Located in northeast Utah, the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam is divided into three sections - A, B and C. Section A winds through the Red Canyon and contains the highest population of trout. Although in fewer numbers, large brown trout primarily habitat Section B. This section can be accessed via its numerous campsites. Section C is primarily floated and the trout population is lower than the previous two sections.

What's Included

The Green River GPS Map contains the GPS coordinates of 139 fly fishing-related landmarks. The GPS Map is provided in three file formats: KML, GPX and PDF. All three files are bundled in a single ZIP file that can be downloaded immediately to your computer after completing your purchase.

Green River Fly Fishing>
KML File
For viewing and printing high-resolution satellite maps using Google Earth.
Green River Fly Fishing
GPX File
For uploading into your handheld GPS unit.
Green River Fly Fishing
Printable list of each landmark and it's GPS coordinates.

Purchase Information

Know exactly where to fish the Green River! Purchase your Green River GPS Map today for just $14.95 USD.

NOTE: This product is for use with Google Earth and handheld GPS units only. For the iPhone and iPad versions, click here.


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Green River Fly Fishing

The Green River Flaming Gorge in Utah.

System Requirements

Map Software Google Earth (free)
Handheld GPS Unit GPX compatible GPS unit
Computer PC, Mac or Linux operating system


Green River Fly Fishing


Stream Name: Green River
Item Number: GFG0001
Location: Utah, USA
Number of GPS Coordinates: 139
Version: 1
File Name: GreenRiverFG_UT


How To Use Your Map...
1. Immediately after purchasing your GPS map you will receive an email message with a download link.
2. Click the download link and save the ZIP file to your computer.
3. Open the ZIP file and drag the contents (three files) to your computer's desktop.
4. Open the KML file using Google Earth (free).
5. Open and print the PDF file with Adobe Reader (free).
6. Open the GPX file using the software that came with your handheld GPS. You can also use GPS Bable (free).


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Green River Fly Fishing